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Upholstery Repairs and Recovering  from minor repairs to major refitting
Our multi-skilled Engineers can combine your machine repairs with upholstery improvements to you save time and money. With our one-stop-shop approach, one call really will fix all!



What does your gym upholstery say about you?
                  Tired out?                                          Past your sell-by date?                                  Time for a change?
We can provide simple one-off cushion repairs through to complete gym re-upholstery if required. Now, there is no excuse to delay keeping on top of minor tears and rips. In our experience, it is attention to these kind of details which members tend to notice and we think that having a gym that looks cared for goes a long way in retaining members in the long term. 
Worn out, cracked and ripped upholstery can be replaced, refreshed or repaired according to your requirements and budget. You can even give your gym a fresh new look without spending a fortune on replacing equipment.
Transform you gym without replacing any equipment!
Seat and Back Cushions
Generally these cushions are prone to cracking around the edges and headrest area. Repairs can be as simple as a wrap-around cover to hide the problem but often it is just as cost effective to recover the entire cushion.
Leg and Knee Rolls
Frequently these fray where the material is folded which rapidly develops into rips. If left unattended, the rolls can become loose and even fall off which exposes the metal frame beneath making the machine difficult to set up and very uncomfortable to use.
Arm and Elbow Pads
Typically these pads are of more complex shapes and recovering requires making a new cover to the original pattern. Fortunately, our Engineers are able to glean the required pattern dimensions from your old cover and use it to produce the new cover.
The vinyl we choose is developed for use specifically within the Fitness Industry but can also be found in Contract Upholstery and the Marine and Medical Industries which means it is long lasting, flame retardant, abrasion resistant, tear resistant, easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants. It is supplied by a leading UK supplier.
Traditional and Contemporary Techniques 


We complete upholstery repairs using the most appropriate methods. Often our repairs can be completed purely by hand using tried and tested skills and techniques whilst on other occasions we choose to use modern, time-saving methods. For example, machine sewing can offer a wide variety of fastening options such as triple stretch stitching which is ideal for vinyl gym upholstery and cannot be easily reproduced by hand.