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Treadmill Saver how healthy is your treadmill?

Save money on repairs, electricity and increase longevity!

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The treadmill saver® monitors your machine 24/7 and tells you when action is needed to avoid breakdowns and keep running costs low!

What is the Treadmill Saver?
How does it work?
The treadmill saver® continuously monitors electrical current consumption and uses a software algorithm to alert you when the current draw increases beyond a certain safe limit.
By monitoring and comparing data over time, treadmill saver® is able to alert you to CHECK the treadmill (which may indicate that you should apply some silicone lube)  and when you should STOP using it and seek professional assistance to avoid a failure (for example, this could be that a service is due or that the running belt is worn out).
Therefore, you are able to keep you treadmill running in its "sweet spot" which helps avoid breakdowns and saves electricity by keeping the current consumed to a minimum. 
If you're wondering how much energy a treadmill actually consumes, then just download the document below to compare some of the most popular brands. You will see that even a relatively small percentage saving in energy can make a significant reduction on your annual treadmill energy costs!
What does it do?
The treadmill saver® helps reduce costs associated with: excessive energy consumption, expensive breakdowns, unintentional neglect, costly service calls, equipment failure, premature wear of parts, early replacement of the treadmill, and user injuries, as well as supporting the maximum return on your investment and increased member retention. Utilising an eco-smart lighted warning system the treadmill saver alerts when maintenance or repairs are needed. Much like a traffic light, the treadmill saver shines green, yellow and red to inform you when the treadmill needs various levels of attention.
Green means you are good to GO
Amber means your treadmill is not running at peak efficiency and you need to CHECK it as soon as possible
Red means STOP. Maintenance is required.
To buy or lease a Treadmill Saver®, contact your Engineer
or call 01386 555630 or
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