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PowerDeck The high performance treadmill running platform
PowerDeck is a high performance treadmill running platform suitable for commercial and domestic environments. PowerDeck is an exclusive Northwick product, designed to exceed original manufacturer's specifictions. It comes with a lifetime domestic warranty or 2 year full commercial warranty. PowerDeck is a "drop-in" replacement running deck suitable for most makes and models of treadmill.

Strength & Performance
Running platforms can fail in various ways:-
  • Cracking to surface
  • Surface wear
  • Fatigue failure
  • Partial or complete fracture
  • Bowing
  • Feeling Soft
  • De-laminate


Some failures, such as fracture, bowing or feelng soft are easily detected and can arise due to product defects, incorrect use or environmental factors (such as damp).


Other failures such as surface wear, fatigue failures or cracks are not so easy to detect until it is too late. They can arise from lack of lubrication, a worn out running belt or general wear and tear.


Due to it's unique design, materials and construction, PowerDeck helps you to avoid these failue modes:-


Extra hard Running surface:PowerDeck uses a unique, hard wearing, scratch resistant surface to ensure long life.


Increased surface thickness: The surface coating is consideraly thicker than many original platforms to give you maximum life.


Embossed micro-surface: The surface feels smooth to touch but in fact it has a minute embossed surface profile to reduce contact area with the running belt to help manage heat build up and friction.


Marine-grade structure: The main body of the deck is manufactured from a marine-grade plywood to provide resistance to moisture and to eliminate fatigue failures from repeated use (most original platforms use a compressed fibre board structure).


Low-profile: The overall thickness of the PowerDeck remains the same as most original platforms which means it is suitable as a "drop-in" replcement without the need to make any modifications to the treadmill itself.





Professional Fitting
PowerDeck is supplied as a blank which can be cut to size using the original platform as a template. The dimensions of the blank is sufficient to accommodate all domestic and commercial grade treadmills.
PowerDeck is designed to be cut with a saw or jigsaw, profiled and drilled without any deterioration in quality or performance. Our expert Engineers are equipped to fit PowerDeck to your treadmill with minimum fuss and distruption and the whole process takes about 90 minutes.
The fitting process involves:
  • Removal of the original platform
  • Removal and cleaning treadmill rollers
  • Cutting, profiling and drilling of PowerDeck to suit
  • Fitting PowerDeck to treadmill
  • Re-fitting of treadmill rollers
  • Lubrication of running belt
  • Setting up running belt to original specifications
  • Testing and bedding in
  • Cleaning and vacuuming of working area
  • Removal of old platform and any waste



The price to supply and fit PowerDeck is from £299+VAT. Our Engineers will require an onsite, dry area and access to 220V mains electricty in order to cut and drill the PowerDeck.


If you wish to cut and fit PowerDeck yourself then we can supply a blank for £199+VAT including delivery.



Lifetime Warranty


For domestic environments, Northwick guarantee the PowerDeck for the residual life of the teadmill. For commercial applications, it has a full 2 year commercial parts and labour warranty.


Note that for optimum performance, Northwick recommend that the treadmill running belt is replaced at the same time as fitting a PowerDeck.



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