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5 Step Buyer's Guide for domestic and commercial buyers
If you are looking for a new or used fitness machine, the choices and options can seem daunting. Our Buyer's Guide below brings together the most important considerations in our experience. The information is valid whether you are planning to buy a machine from our  or via a third party. There is also a link to a BBC radio interview with our Director, Alison, which provides an excellent overview of what to look for when considering an investment.
Our BBC guide to choosing a machine 
Step 1 Choose the right machine
Choosing a machine that is fit for purpose is probably the most important consideration. Look for good aftermarket support for spares and servicing and insist on a guarantee for several years or lifetime cover. Fitness machines generally fall into one of the following categories:-
Domestic Grade: for home use and general well being
Light Commercial Grade: for workplace fitness and competitive training
Full Commercial Grade: for gyms, professional users and elite athletes
Domestic machines are ideal if you plan on working out for maximum of 1 hour a day (taking into account all users in the household). Look for a good warranty; if you shop around you should be able to get at least a lifetime frame warranty. As a benchmark, all of our domestic products carry a lifetime parts warranty and prices range from around £500-1500.
If you have more users or need extra capacity from your machine then a light commercial grade machine may be a better choice. These are ideal for small gyms such as in fire stations or hotels where usage exceed the limits of a domestic model but is not enough to justify a commercial grade machine. Prices range from roughly £1500-3000. Full commercial machines are generally designed to run for 12 hours a day, continually. They are big and heavy and spares can be very expensive but this is what you need if you are running a commercial gym or if you are unwilling to compromise on capacity or longevity. Prices range from £3500 upwards. As with everything in life, you get what you pay for!
Step 2 Decide on a suitable location for it
Fitness machines are designed to be used indoors and require plenty of space. Allow plenty of room behind a treadmill in case you fall off. Cross trainers are tall and you need ample of headroom. Excessive temperatures often found in conservatories (more than 25 deg C and less than 5 deg C) should be avoided and so should direct sunlight. Make sure rodents can't get access to build a nest inside your machine!
Also think about the floor on which you are going to put your machine; the floor should be flat and level. Suspended floors can cause noise and vibration to travel which can be an annoyance especially if you live in a flat or apartment. The use of gym floor mats can provide some sound deadening and can prevent the machine feet from scuffing and scratching wooden floorings. Generally speaking, single pieces of fitness equipment won't be so heavy so as to cause a problem to floors but if you are in any doubt, first establish the machine gross weight and seek the advise of a Chartered Surveyor. If you have multiple machines then this is essential.
Step 3 Choose your essential accessories
Maximise your return on investment with our range of accessories for you and your machine. The machine essentials you will need include silicone oil (for treadmills) and a heater if you intend to keep your machine in a garage, whilst using a stretching mat before and after a work out and using hand-held weights will improve the efficiency of your exercise regime. These products are available to buy from our Engineers or you can specify them at the time of order and we will deliver them with your new machine.
Recommended Accessories
£30+VAT 500ml Liquid Oil Running Belt Lube kit
£49+VAT Treadmill Heater (essential for garages/sheds/conservatories)
£45+VAT Protective Floor Mat for Machines
Need something else? Just ask!
Step 4 Choose your delivery, assembly and recycling preferences
Take the time to read your supplier's delivery terms and conditions. Many suppliers will offer you "free" delivery but this does not always include lifting the machine into your premises. If you are buying from us, then our delivery terms are set out below with options for assembly, removal of packaging and recycling of your old machine if you need it:-
**FREE** 1 man delivery
Ideal if you're happy to arrange the lifting and assembly of your new machine and dispose of the packaging yourself
**£99+VAT** 1 man delivery, build & recycle
Choose this option if need the machine delivered and set up in a ground floor room with easy access. We will lubricate the machine and provide a demo of how to safely operate and look after it! Removal of your old machine and recycling of packaging from the new one is included. With this option, you will need to provide assistance with any lifting.
**From £198+VAT** Special delivery, build & recycle
With this premium package we take care of everything. We will provide sufficient labour to deliver and assemble your new machine wherever you want it (within reason), including all the lifting and moving, plus we'll show you how to use it, maintain it and even recycle your old machine and the packaging!
Step 5 Place your order
That's it - you're ready to purchase! Whilst there are a myriad of machines to choose from on the internet, please feel free to browse our showroom where we've whittled the choice down to the ones that we believe offer you the best value for money (and that we are happy to have our good name asssociated with!). To order, simply contact your Engineer, book online, or call our office on 01386 555630