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The home of Northwick's Special Engineering Service 
Experts in industrial machine technology
We are proud of our strong roots in manufacturing and engineering and we are happy to share our expertise!
Our door is firmly open to both new and returning clients who require a tailored, machine solution.



We have successfully invented and manufactured a diverse range of special purpose equipment and machinery for clients around the world including propshaft balancing machines for commercial vehicles and motorsport, equipment for reducing set-up times in medical operating theatres, precision measuring devices for munitions, riveting machines for airframes, offshore gas and oil pipeline repair equipment and high-speed, warehouse packing machines. As a result we know first-hand how to turn a wide range of ideas into reality and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best solution whether it be a simple improvement to an existing process or a complex machine solution developed from the ground up!

Whatever you need,
We can help you:
Find solutions to technical problems
Manufacture custom parts and systems
CE mark new products 
Design virtual 3D models for evaluation
Complete FMEA and risk assessments
Build and test prototypes
Critique existing processes and operations
Manufacture finished products
Integrate automation & controls
Provide onsite support and servicing
A small selection of our clients