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Welcome to

The home of Northwick's Specialist Engineering Workshop 
" Experts in machine technology "
At Northwick we have strong roots in manufacturing and we are happy to share our expertise!
Uniquely, we blend the expertise of a professional engineering consultancy, with the capability of a systems' integrator, with the ability to provide onsite service support throughout the UK and Europe.
We offer in-house specialist expertise including conceptual design, 3D CAD modelling, prototyping, tooling, electrical systems, electronics and software (PLC and embedded systems), equipment testing, machine building, approvals and CE marking.
Our door is firmly open to both new and returning clients who require a tailor made, industrial machine solution.
To make an enquiry please contact our Lead Engineer, Jon Isaacs on +44 (0)1386 555630 or email



We have specialist knowledge & expertise within these specific sectors:-


  • Machine repairs, refurbishment, upgrades, re-design & conversions
  • Design and build of new equipment
  • Production process improvements & lean manufacturing
  • Driveshaft manufacturing solutions for commercial vehicles and motorsport
  • Riveting & fastening technology including impact, orbital, radial, self-piercing, spiral, hot-upset and adhesives
  • Roller forming and metal processing techniques
  • Offshore pipeline repair systems and solutions
  • Bespoke and one-off machines for unique applications



Our own products include:-


Driveline Solutions


PBM 7 Propshaft balancing machine

PBM Letting-in press

PBM Propshaft welding machine



Offshore Gas and Oil Industry Solutions


C360 portable pipe cut-off machine

W360 portable weld cap-flushing machine

REMM rapid excavation machine



Pipeline Solutions


150 tonne internal pipe expander ("Dougal")

AFS internal pipeline roll-former



Assembly Solutions


Milford riveting machines

Adtech riveting machines

Orbital forming machines

Watchdawg process monitoring



Your Solution here?


Contact us now, call +44 (0)1386 555630 or

We can help you:
Find solutions to technical problems
Manufacture custom parts and systems
CE mark new products 
Design 3D models for evaluation
Complete FMEA and risk assessments
Build and test prototypes
Critique existing processes and operations
Manufacture finished products
Integrate automation & controls
Provide onsite support and servicing
A small selection of our clients