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The universal treadmill motor control board (MCB) exclusively from Northwick





What is PowerDrive?


  • A universal replacement treadmill control system
  • Exclusive to Northwick
  • Fully fitted by our expert Engineers
  • Available with optional display
  • Available to suit most makes and models
  • Higher spec than most domestic treadmill controllers
  • Ideal for good quality treadmills where original parts are no longer available



    Why use PowerDrive?


    A failed treadmill motor control board (mcb) can mean an expensive repair, or worse, a whole new machine! With PowerDrive, we can restore basic functions including variable speed control and incline functions in one cost-effective solution even if the original parts for you rmachine are no longer available.


    PowerDrive extends the life of your treadmill by replacing your original motor controller and console. It works by taking over the control of your treadmill motor and bypasses your existing control electronics. PowerDrive is professionally fitted by our expert Engineers and is suitable for most treadmills.

    PowerDrive provides you with all the basic controls such as stop/start, variable speed control, and emergency stop. You simply switch the system on and then adjust the speed as required. PowerDrive has a push-button incline control feature so that you can manually operate the incline up or down.
    There is an optional LCD display to provide speed, time and distance feedback so that you can monitor your workout.
    Suitable for 99% of treadmills
    PowerDrive is a universal device that can accommodate a wide range of treadmill motors which makes it suitable for most treadmills. Fitting the device usually requires some minor modifications to the plastic casing and console area of your treadmill which may include drilling holes and mounting the additional controls. If you have any concerns about this, please call our office or discuss it with our Engineer before fitting. PowerDrive is based on proven industrial technology which is of a higher standard than most domestic treadmill original parts!
    Save hundreds ££££!
    PowerDrive is designed to save you money. When you consider that a good quality new treadmill can cost upwards of £1000, with PowerDrive can save you hundreds of pounds, not to mention the inconvenience of removing your old treadmill and assembling a new you can feel good knowing that you are doing your bit for global warming by avoiding a trip to landfill!
    ProwerDrive is £499+VAT including fitting
    To have a PowerDrive fitted