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PowerBelt The premium grade running belt designed specifically for treadmill use
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PowerBelt is a UK manufactured, high performance replacement running belt for commercial and domestic treadmills. PowerBelt is designed as a direct replacement for most worn-out or damaged treadmill running belts.

PowerBelt will reduce energy consumption by as much as 75% (when compared to a conventional running belt which has not had any maintenance) and it will help you to avoid expensive failures such as burnt out motors and circuit boards. It is manufactured to order and can be produced to suit all dimensions.
PowerBelt is fitted by our expert Engineers to ensure that your machine is set up according to the original manufacturer's specifications. Prices for supply and fit are £299+VAT for domestic usage and £399+VAT for commercial usage.
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About PowerBelt



PowerBelt is suitable for all treadmills. It can be fittted to domestic or commercial machines. We believe that the quality and construction of PowerBelt exceeds that of many original manufacturer's running belts.

PowerBelt is a multi-layered running belt constructed of various laminated PVC and polyester plys which together provide superior wear and strength characteristics.
The bottom layer (inner ply) runs against the surface of the running platform of your treadmill. This layer is designed to provide excellent wear resistance, low friction, and low noise. It also has good heat dissipation. This is important as heat can build up through friction between the surface of the running platform and the bottom ply of the belt and can cause rapid wear in some inferior quality running belts.
The middle layer (intermediate ply) is designed for maximum strength and to limit the amount of stretching. This is particularly important as the belt has to endure thousand of revolutions all of which are experienced under tension by virtue of the treadmill rollers. Inferior running belts can stretch too easily, which means the belt will slip on the rollers and the the adjustment limit on the treadmill will be reached before the belt has reached the end of its life.
The top layer (upper ply) provides the belt with excellent flexibility and of course a long lasting "grippy" surface on which you can safely walk, jog or run. The quality of the top layer is very important since each revolution of the treadmill sees the belt materials wrapped 180 degrees around the rollers and back again, twice. Under this repeated stress, poor quality belts can crack and delaminate which can lead to early failure.
Belt lubrication is a critical factor in determining not only the life of the belt, but also the life of the running platform, drive motor and control electronics. A lack of lubrication leads to increased friction and these components will soon wear out as they have to work harder to overcome the friction.
PowerBelt is a pre-lubricated running belt. This means that lubricant is added to the belt during the manufacturing process. Therefore, by using PowerBelt, you are protected against friction related problems which can often be expensive to repair.
Static Electricity
Ensuring that the running belt is kept well lubricated during its life will also help reduce the build-up of static electricity. Over time, static will attract dust, dirt and especially fur from pets which builds up on the inner layer of the belt and causes the belt to lose its "slip".
This can occur at any time irrespective of belt usage and so we recommend that all treadmill running belts (including pre-lubricated PowerBelts) are maintained using silicone oil which is an inert, non-toxic oil with excellent slip characteristics.
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PowerBelt is a product exclusive to Northwick. Prices are from £299+VAT including fitting for domestic treadmills and £399+VAT for commercial treadmills.
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