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Login to Northwick Academy using the link below.
At the prompt, enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD (case sensitive)
If you do not have login details or have forgotten your username or password, please refer to your Engineer or
With full access to the Academy, you will find a range of specialist resources to help you make the most of your equipment including:-
  • Maintenance training
  • Choosing a new machine
  • How to assemble your equipment
  • Routine maintenance  
  • Nutrition and wellbeing
  • Designing a gym
  • Service bulletins
  • Technical support
  • Self-help downloads
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Disclaimer: Please note that Northwick accepts no liability for damage or loss as a result of using content provided in the Academy or on this website. We recommend you seek expert assistance if you are unsure about how to safely diagnose, repair or maintain equipment. Warning: Some tasks described involve exposure to moving parts such as belts, pulleys, high energy DC electrical systems, 220V mains supplies and components which store energy such as batteries, capacitors, gas struts, pneumatic cylinders, flywheels....etc. Working on such systems or components can bring the risk of serious injury or death.