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Gym Planning  First hand, best practise expertise
We run our own commercial gym and we also travel around the country visiting many different types of gyms, working in amongst the best facilities and meeting the UK's leading fitness professionals. We get to see a diverse range of ideas, approaches, and initiatives from across the industry. Using our gym as a reference, we benchmark what we see to fully understand why the most successful approaches work and the circumstances that give the best results.
So whether it's a commercial gym or a private domestic gym, with Northwick Academy you can access our expertise to help create your own unique fitness experience!
  Below: The story of WR3 Fitness in 2 minutes 34 seconds!           
Commercial Gyms
If you're thinking of creating a new gym or want to improve your existing gym, or even if you're simply considering a small investment to freshen things up then you've come to the right place.
The movie (right) shows you what can be achieved on a modest budget and with careful use of resources. WR3 Fitness is our Academy gym which successfully competes with some of the fitness industry's most respected players including David Lloyd and Nuffield Health. Everything you see in the movie is our own work including the equipment refurbishment.
You can explore your own ideas with our FREE Gym Planner design tool (below) and whenever you are ready, our experts are on-hand to assist you overcome the myriad of potential obstacles including:
  • Securing Investment
  • Business plans
  • Planning permission
  • Floor plans and equipment layouts
  • Health and safety legislation
  • Flooring options
  • Project management
  • Equipment supply
  • Training                                                  
  • Promotional campaigns        
  • Gym best practise
  • Recruiting members                                      
  • Upselling                                                                         
  • Retaining members
  • USP's
  • Membership software
Northwick Academy can provide the experts who can help you. Everything from a little advice through to a fully-managed project is possible. Simply tell us what you need and drop an email to
Domestic Gyms
If you are converting a spare room, basement, garage or summer house into a gym then feel free to try out a few scenarios with different equipment and layouts using our FREE gym planner design tool (below). We can help you decide what equipment to specify accoridng to your fitness goals. For example, you can choose a from a range of different equipment for a cardio routine (treadmill, rowers, cross trainer, bikes, spin bikes) and compliment this with a multi-gym for strength training, finisging off with a stretching area to warm up/warm down.
If space or budget are limiting factors then there are plenty of ways to overcome this by specifying different types of equipment to combine floor exercises into your fitnesss routine such as swiss balls, kettlebells, and resistance bands...all of which can be put away in a cupboard after use and are relatively inexpensive to purchase. and we will do our best to help!
Start here with our FREE Gym Planner
If you need some ideas and wondering where to start then try out our FREE gym planning tool. Use your imagination to test out different layouts and floor plans, insert different machine combinations to create the environment you desire, then save it for later.
You can create your own user account and then share or print your plan with your colleagues. Your plan will help you crystalize ideas and will impress potential investors!
Click on the image (left) to launch the gym planner application.