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Service Cover Plans for 100% breakdown peace of mind!
Service plan for new and old machines from just £15 per month
Start your service cover today!
Simply email or call us on 01386 555630
"In my opinion, a service plan is an absolute must for anyone who is serious about looking after their machine!Jon Isaacs, Chartered Engineer
So, you've mustered the motivation to train, you've donned your lycra and you're ready to burn some calories.......but then your machine throws a wobbly. The Engineer visits and tells you the problem is something to do with mice/ damp/ lubrication/ over-use/ under-use / lack of servicing (*you can delete as applicable!).
Of course, it's fixable but the problem is you're landed with a bill for the repairs with little or no notice and no time to save up!
It doesn't need to be that way!
It's easy to sign-up to our service plan and costs from only £15 per month payable by direct debt or standing order. Because our  approach is designed around you, there are 
NO long-term contractual ties, 
NO hidden clauses and
NO strings attached.
It simply provides service cover for as long as you need it.
Doesn't my manufacturer's warranty cover me?
In a word, no, the manufacturer will not maintain your machine for you. Manufacturer's warranties are usually time-limited, non-transferrable and only cover your machine for manufacturing defects due to poor workmanship.
It is up to you to maintain your machine and have it serviced, lubricated and checked over (as you would a car!).
Our experience is that most machine failures have nothing to do with manufacturing defects and indeed some parts such as platforms and belts are considered as "wearing" items and are not covered.
Over 90% of machine failures are due to reasons which are not covered by warranty!
Our analysis of breakdown causes reveals that 92% of all problems reported to us are not covered by manufacturers' warranty.
Here are just a few of the re-occurring problems that we see:-
               Running belt perished or worn out..........................X not covered. Typical repair cost £325
               Drive belt slipping due to lack of maintenance.......X not covered. Typical repair cost £150
Failures due to insufficient belt lube.......................X not covered. Typical repair cost £500
Rodent damage to circuit boards...................... ... .X not covered. Typical repair cost £450
Kids toys/Coins/articles stuck inside.......................X not covered. Typical repair cost £360
Electrical problems due to cold and damp...............X not covered. Typical repair cost £380
Our Service Cover Plan in a nutshell
Our service plan provides you with a full, annual service and all the adjustments and lubrication you need to keep your machine running in optimum condition so that it delivers long and trouble-free service. It will help you to spot and deal with any potential problems before they cause an expensive failure.
For £15 incl VAT per month our service plan provides the following benefits:

A full annual service

Interim adjustments as required

Lubrication as required

Your own Engineer


What's not included?
The service plan does not include parts.
The service plan does not cover pre-existing faults.
Start your cover today!
Simply email or call us on 01386 555630