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Technical Academy for Maintenance Professionals & Trainees
Northwick's Technical Academy is unique in the fitness industry and we set the standards for the independent fitness repair sector.
Our detailed understanding of how equipment is designed and built means that we can provide expert tuition for both new trainees and for experienced maintenance technicians who are looking to re-train or enhance their skills.
Many parts of the Technical Academy are free-to-access and open to all. Some aspects are available via a login which is available only to existing customers. If you need login credentials, then !
Here are just a few ways in which you can benefit from using Northwick's Technical Academy.....
Mobile App:
Our free mobile App for Apple and Android devices brings together all of our technical resources into one convenient place. Our vast technical library, training movies, quick look-up guide, standard operating procedures, white papers, ask-an-expert facility....and more are always at hand and just one click away!
Our App is an ideal companion for the mobile technician or for anyone needing quick and convenient access to all technical matters relating to fitness equipment.
Self Help Guides:
We provide free advice and information on how to correctly maintain your equipment and which products you should use to get the best life from your machine. We have an online parts store and our own upgraded products for when you need something better.
Technical Manuals:
We have a growing library of service manuals, engineering access codes, maintenance instructions, wiring diagrams and data sheets covering the most popular equipment makes and models. Many of these documents are only available via the original manufacturer and some are discontinued and no longer available. Some manuals have been written by ourselves based on our own findings and experience which cannot be found anywhere else!
This is a great resource for finding out how to recalibrate machines, change units of measure, adjusting settings according to manufacturer's specifications, and clearing error codes.
Many gym operators recognise the benefit of having a studio full of well-maintained equipment. Our maintenance training courses can be run in our Gym or onsite at your premises and our expertise means that we can train your own people in how to maintain a wide variety of equipment from multiple manufacturers. 
Our research shows that most breakdowns are due to factors such as lack of proper maintenance and wear and tear rather than manufacturing defects.
Our fully qualified instructors can provide you with both the technical background and the practical skills necessary to train up your own staff to correctly identify problems, safely attend to the most common breakdowns, and complete general repairs and preventative maintenance so as to extend the life of your equipment and reduce your repair bills.
Video Tutorials:
Our movie database includes a wide range of helpful information for both owner/user and technician. There are movies to show you how to assemble treadmills and cross trainers and bite-size tutorials to show you how to safely take equipment apart and what to expect to find under-the-hood.
For the advanced technician there are our in-house engineering tutorials which explain how to complete complex diagnosis using specialist test equipment. The sample movie below gives you an insight into the high standard of technical content that we provide.

Buyer's Guide:


When investing in new kit, it is important to buy equipment which has been designed and built to suit your needs. For example, we frequently see broken treadmills which have been used beyond their design capacity and as a result, they fail early. Sometimes this is due to financial constraints at the time of purchase but frequently it is due to the buyer having a lack of understanding about a product's specification and the intended application!


With the right advice, it is possible to source suitable equipment to suit most budgets.


As independent specialists, we see a wide range of equipment in the home and in commercial environments. We can help you choose equipment which is suitable for how you intend to use it.


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User Advice:


We have experts who are on-hand to help you with every aspect of owning, using and maintaining your gym equipment. In addition to our Engineers, we have Level 3 qualified gym instructors, personal trainers, experts in training, nutrition and diet, and specialists in sports injuries and physiotherapy. our Technical Academy gives you a direct line contact all of our experts.


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Gym Planning:


When we set up our first gym we learnt a great deal about lots of different types of equipment, how machines are used, optimising and using all available space, and the importance of choice of location and presentation. We have since refined our skills both in our own gym and in the many gyms, studios, clubs and centres that we visit so as to help increase new memberships and retain existing members.


We also regularly attend international trade fairs and we are fully up-to-date with industry tends, fashions and exciting new ideas to help you design your own gym for maximum results (for both commercial and private users).


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